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          Preferential Trade Arrangements

          Preferential Trade Arrangements

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          Today, Guangzhi Zhang, the spokesman for the General Administration of Customs, expressed that, China has implemented 14 free trade agreements and 3 preferential trade arrangements so far. Moreover, Guangzhi Zhang stated that the customs actively propagandized policies to help export enterprises to the world. The enthusiasm of export enterprises in China continues to improve and maximize reciprocal arrangements. The value of the certificate of origin for export goods was 542,700,000,000 yuan, increasing by 18%, and the number of certificates for the claim was 2,110,000, increasing by 12%. In addition to the traditional certificate of origin certificate, customs actively promote the double dividend of tax relief and trade facilitation in the export enterprises of China.

          “Under the guidance of the customs policy, we independently carry out the verification of the origin. By issuing the declaration of origin independently, we have omitted the procedures to apply for visa agencies and send paper certificates to foreign countries, and the expected benefits and the efficiency of customs clearance of export commodities have been greatly enhanced. Additionally, the business operation and supply chain’s management are more convenient.” The Trade Commissioner of Schindler Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., Xiao Gong, talked about the declaration of origin autonomy. The most significant result is not only the reduction of taxes but also the simplification of procedures, which will enhance the confidence of export enterprises.

          “From the beginning of the implementation of Rui FTA in 7 month of 2014, our company began to try out the system of independent declaration of origin. As of July 2017, our company has exported more than 23 million dollars in cashmere products to Switzerland. And 550,000 Swiss francs are reduced to tariff concessions in Switzerland. " Chi Yajuan, manager of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Chifeng Dongli Fluffy Products Co., Ltd., said that the promotion of corporate credibility is highly recognized by the Swiss partners, which is more important than improving the bargaining power of export goods.

          Guangzhi Zhang said that at present, China has signed and implemented free trade agreements with 22 countries or regions, which include many countries along the routes of “One Belt One Road,” such as China–ASEAN, China–Pakistan, and China–Singapore FTAs. FTA will promote the pragmatic initiatives to implement “One Belt One Road.”

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